Is Your Model Ready for a Structural Break?

Structural break occurs “when a time series abruptly changes at a point in time.”[1] It leads to forecasting errors and unreliability of the model. How well are your models prepared?

We are monitoring over 12K time series including forex, crypto, stocks, bonds, commodities, macro, trade, etc, and our experts will give you heads-up well before structural breaks happen.

We can tune models to suite data your business depends on.

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Structural Break
Helps Your
Data Storms

You can feed into our API or receive real time updates like:

“There is an extreme increase in the probability of the structural break in TSLA in the following 30 minutes. Direction of the structural break suggest sharp increase in TSLA price.”

Our time series econometrics model is guided by AI and uses market and non-market data. It feeds into hundreds of data providers and constantly scrapes the Internet for sentiment. We use petabytes of data to train models, update, and derive real time probability of structural break for each time series.

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